Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a day i thought i would never live through

thanks so much for your prayers, from the bottom of my heart.

i thought i was going to die last night. my heart was so heavy and broken. bill was really getting scared.

then one of my clients came. i did not have him scheduled, but it was our usual time. well, i sat and talked with him and God really intervened through this man's struggle. i found myself talking to him and God was talking to me ...

He showed me that this does not surprise Him and thus, He is in this with robby, milly, bill, and i. He wants them both for His kingdom and He is capable of holding them and bringing them there. i immediately had such peace, it is amazing.

the kids came this morning and removed all of their stuff. and although it broke my heart to see robby carrying his things out, i was able to have such peace. finally, as he came for the last load, he was by himself. calmly, he came to me and said ...

mom, i'm not leaving you. i'm just leaving here. we can't all live together, but i still love you. i'll see you next week for school. i'll call you. i love you.

i told him that although i thought he was making a mistake, that i still respected his right to make it and that i would be here for him if he ever needed me. he will always be welcome here.

he gave me a hug.

i'm positive the Lord is working in him. i'm not happy with the way i have dealt with milly and one day soon i will have to apologize when things calm down.

i'm so thankful that the Lord continues to deal with me in His mercy.

oh Lord, bless them ... have mercy on me.


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Denise said...

((hugs)) and prayers!